The technopole

The Technopole hosts some of the most powerful High Performance Computers (HPC) in the world and is the international reference for Supercomputing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. It has applications in the field of science and technology in meteorology, climatology, health, earth sciences and industry.

The Technopole is the Data Valley Hub. A complex innovation ecosystem of the Emilia-Romagna Region based on research, businesses and expertise able to extract value from data, carry-out direct decision-making, highlight correlations and protect the environment, citizens and their assets.      


For the region

The redevelopment of an important former industrial district in the North of Bologna is an opportunity to restore value to the abandoned area and brings new resources and expertise focused on high impact issues which affect the city's quality of life.

For industry

Supercomputing offers advanced tools for processing simulations, materials and dynamic behaviour, reducing the time-to-market and costs associated with functional and constructional design.

For research

Science in various domains is already known to benefit from Supercomputing. For example, in the field of subatomic particle physics, astro-particle and in space science, as well as in neurobiology, bioinformatics and in pharmacology.